Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thoughts on the summer thus far...

Only 24 more days until Krissie comes home. I haven't been able to wrap my mind around what this trip means really. It seems that it really is a once in a life time experience....for her travels, and hopefully the ONE AND ONLY time that we will be apart for this long. I guess you don't usually think about when something is "once in a life time," what it means for those that are not in the experience..the positive side at least. I'm hoping that when she returns I can better understand what this trip means for "us."

There has been a lot going on back here in the states, but at the same time it seems very little of any significance. My days are spent the exact same way each day...wake up, check for an email from Krissie, work non-stop all day (my summer officially ended when I took this new job), work out (usually a run, sometimes lifting), check for another email from Krissie, dinner, and bed. Same routine each day. I've been fortunate that my folks and buddy Mitch have come to visit and the summer has brought more time to talk to my brother and sisters. So, there is much significance in that. Krissie's mom and grandma have both had their share of medical scares this summer too. I know that Krissie wishes she could be here for them...I try to keep her posted instead.

No real updates on the Colts right now. Peyton made it to camp today, but his knee is still immobilized. I wish that I could be able to go see the Colts in training camp. One of the sacrifices one needs to make though to be in a good job near the one you love. Speaking of sacrifices, Mitch was talking to me today about the new role he has taken on in Student Life at BSU. Lucky dude is able to leave work every day at 4pm, take his boy and dog for a walk to the park, and then come home to a wife and work on his new house each and every day. He was telling me that he's bored at work and should be doing more...what a problem to have?! Leaving work at a decent time and spending quality time w/ the ones you love every day!

Krissie arrives in Egypt in about 2 hours. I'm anxious to hear how her visit goes. It was added at the last minute when the ship decided not to go to Turkey (thank God!) because of recent terrorist attacks. So, now she is going to be literally riding a camel in the shadow of the pyramids. For my readers (if any), could you ever imagine that one Kristyn Biebuyck, almost in love with shopping and art as with me (most days ;-) ) is going to be riding a CAMEL! I will certainly be using this as leverage to finally get her to go camping or even REALLY attempt a fishing trip with me.

That's all for now....


Becky said...

I'm enjoying reading your blog - nice updates! Hope we can get all of our people together in one state, country and then city and catch up sometime soon. Charley would love a trip to Columbus and would also LOVE to show Uncle Brian & Aunt Krissie his new Colts bedroom! Take care.

special ed said...

Twenty one more days, I hope that this time goes by fast. Looking forward to your visit this weekend. Got a surprise for you : )
Love you
P.S. Maybe some day we can meet Charley and his Mommy too

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